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Artist Statement

Raised in an artist’s home, Cindy was surrounded by creativity and art, even while pursuing a career as a social worker involved in mostly left-brained activities.  Louis, similarly chose a “service-oriented” career.  Retirement has offered the opportunity to pursue our love of all things art, eventually finding passion in clay and sculpture. We spend each day enjoying the Central Coast climate and it’s topography, manipulating clay, and trying to create something that is unique and pleasing.  Every piece of ceramics created is a necessary step that will impact the next piece, sculptural pieces often taking on a life of their own.  Some pieces satisfy, others frustrate, but each has beauty that comes from the manipulation of clay. We want our collaborations to elicit a physical and emotional response from the viewer.  Art is therapy.  It is a process.  We hope that our views are reflected in our work and that you derive as much pleasure from our creations as we do.  

Contact Information

805 441-5803 or

Pickup Instructions

Please call Louis or Cindy Moreno at 805 441-5803 or email to arrange for pickup of your purchase or to see items in person.  We are located at 1782 Blue Court in Nipomo.  Totems can be delivered locally at no charge.

Note:  We will be following recommended SLO county health and safety practices.