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Jewel DeMoss


Artist Statement

I have played with a lot of different media in my artistic quests, but there are not sufficient words to describe my excitement in finding mixed media.  When I am asked, I say "It is like finger-painting".  I play with many different elements from which I create my work.  I build my art on paper or canvas from fabric, handmade paper, paint and whatever else I can get my hands on.  I feel the thrill of a child playing and learning at the same time. 

Sometimes I begin with a thought in mind and on other occasions I leave my mind behind and let my hands do the work.  I move back and forth between recognizable images to abstract.  I hope, in the end, that I have created something others can appreciate. 

Contact Information

Jewel DeMoss at or at (651)605-5955.

Pick Up Instructions

Art pick up will be scheduled by appointment.  Contact Jewel DeMoss at or at (651)605-5955.