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Artist Statement

Ceramics is a physical form of art. It desires to be held in the hands and be caressed. It is usually a balance of design and function. It can be a dance between earths mud and fire. Sometimes you control the clay and at other times the clay controls you. It can let your inner child out to play in the mud.

We never set out to be potters, but in 2005, we took a class and got hooked on clay. This set us on a path that led to a couple of wheels, kiln, slab roller, extruder, airbrush equipment and glazes galore. It started as a hobby and now we enjoy sharing our pottery with others. We look at the world differently for inspiration that can come from a simple road cut through the back country of Monument Valley or the petroglyphs etched into the canyon walls just outside Winslow, Arizona. We marvel at the ceramics the indigenous people produced thousands of years ago to improve their lives. If cared for, this artistry can last thousands of years. Not a bad legacy. The world is full of great ideas for clay art. We like to collect and support local pottery artists because we appreciate the thought that goes into making each and every piece.

 – Walter and Rochelle Hoylman

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