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Hey, I'm A Mess - A Confession From Karen Fields

Hey, I'm A Mess - A Confession From Karen Fields

During the course of my lifetime I’ve had studios in a variety of settings. I’ve been in “incubator” buildings, I’ve been in a dedicated room inside my house, and I’ve been in borrowed basement space (the worst.) At the moment, I’m the happiest I’ve ever been in my studio life – I’ve taken over my garage (well, technically, the car gets to come in, but it has to stay off to one side) – and I have complete freedom to spill, splash, drop, and slop around as much as I want – it is absolute paradise!


I’ve heard that the fear of making a mess is really about losing control and things not being perfect. When I was younger, this applied to me, but as I’ve gotten older the concept of perfection has faded in favor of immediacy and the thrill of the artistic process.

I tend to move back and forth between multiple projects in a number of media. The garage gives me enough space to have an area for polymer clay – for ceramic clay – for painting, printing, and various forms of gluing.

I never need a drop-cloth and I’ve never been happier. Periodically, I wipe things down in an effort to control the madness and entertain the bacteria…. but not too often – I don’t want to disturb the vibe.


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